Cakes and Cupcakes - How We are Different

There are many factors that go into the design of you cake or cupcakes. We start out with the flavors of the cake, fillings and icings. The we need to have a theme, birthday, anniversary, graduation, holiday, etc. Then we need to decide what colors will be used for the icing, and borders, then we have the toppers to decide on. Will it be Happy Birthday or perhaps Congratulations on the New Job or what ever the event is.  If you will be using an edible image then what picture do you want to use. Once we get those things decided then My work begins.

The cupcakes are pretty similar that you start with cake,filling and icing, but then we have to decide how you want them presented. There are many options, such as Cupcake Bouquet going to a College Student or perhaps Grandmother. There are cupcake cakes that can be made into any shape you would like such as an Alligator with 24 cupcakes(as seen in cupcakes) or even a football field cupcake cake for the Super Bowl or what ever the design you may choose. Options are endless.